Operational Continuity and Support

Day to day activities and operations are always a target for cost reduction. Outsourcing non-core functions to a partner to focus more on the core business and operations is becoming a need as well as a standard practice. However as the business processes are becoming more integrated and their complexity is increasing the set of skills required has also evolved.

At Optimum Partners we align with our clients both vertically and horizontally. We invest and train to achieve their business objectives and consider our team as an extension of their team ; not just a vendor team to perform a basic function.

Operational Advisory Services

We are driven by our extensive experience in achieving operational optimization irrespective of your industry and business line. We understand the operational, strategic and financial elements involved and we can help you reach an optimized point to achieve and exceed your financial and business goals

Managed Marketing Services

Competition and innovation are the driving factors for investing in marketing campaigns. We help our clients to analyze and understand customer behavior, increase quality of campaign execution and measure ROI

Data Processing

A large number of transactions is conducted in all industries on a daily basis. To meet a growing number of compliances and regulations organizations are required to perform a greater volume of transactions. This can make the day to day activities more difficult and slower as well as distract from core transactions. We help our clients manage these challenges backed by data processing services

Front Office

Quality of service is probably the most important element to gain your customers’ loyalty as well as to maintain and expand your customer base. We can help you manage the day to day activities in a fully integrated and cost efficient way. Our resources are fully equipped to understand the assigned functions and operate both horizontally and vertically to achieve your quality of services matrices and partner in your success

Knowledge Services

This is a new and innovative element in the business process outsourcing industry. New and continuous challenges are increasing the need for a blend of technical, analytical and marketing support. Our resources together with our expert advisors enable us to help our clients in this new arena to be industry leaders and address challenges proactively

Business Administration

Your HR, Procurement and Administration functions are core to your operations. Achieving the targeted operational quality and constantly reduce your costs is our main concern. We can help our clients by engaging in a variety of ways to achieve their goals.

Helpdesk Support

Most processes are now automated or in the process of being automated to achieve cost efficacy and gain time to market. We help our clients administer their systems and infrastructure by providing T1 support which enables instant response to technical issues and increases focus on core business activities

Process Automation

We partner with our clients to to transform and achieve greater speed to market and savings through back office process automation. This can enable the organization to optimize cost and enhance customer experience by eliminating human errors. Our skill sets and dynamic engagement models enable the client to realize a greater advantage through automation

Why we will fit your selection criteria

We work with you to hand pick team members and deploy them in the location that best meets your needs - whether onshore or offshore.

We help you build a team which is committed for the long term and which can be deployed with short lead times safely and cost effectively.

We have extensive experience in providing services supported by industry experts.

We have access to a large pool of experienced IT professionals across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Our services allow you to quickly scale your team up or down to meet your needs at any given moment.

We have in-depth expertise in a variety of industries including but not limited to digital agencies, banking and finance, entertainment and gaming, high tech, media and publishing, e-commerce, travel and hospitality.